Songs Uploaded By BlackQutc

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Without (Love Gets) Tumisho Mashishi48
Download Historic Piano(Main Mix) Promo...SampleBlack Qutc(Tumisho Black Qutc Mashishi)41
Sax Some Hoter(Original Mix)Download Tumisho Mashishi 487
Purified Move(Main Mix) SampleDownload Fanatique Deepah & Black Qutc176
Thank You Coca(Reprise 0530 Mix)Black Qutc Pre Release64
Thank You Coca(Original 0530 Mix)Black Qutc Pre Release - June44
My Joy,Frozen (Black Qutc Mix) Download Quentin Harris Feat Lella James & Madona208
When I Am Pissed(0530 Deeper Tribal Developed Mix)Black Qutc Pre Release - May @ Qutc Music Records169
Hopefully Recovering (Original 940530 Mix)DOWNLOAD Black Qutc Feat Hardley54
South Africa 27 April Freedom Day ( Original Mix )DOWNLOAD Black Qutc ( 940530 )299
Saturday Of Blessings ( Original 940530 Mix )DOWNLOAD Black Qutc123
Fortunate ( Original 940530 Mix Sample )DOWNLOAD Black Qutc Pre Release141
African Spirit. Roots. Beliefs & Payers ( Simple )DOWNLOAD Black Qutc320
Fallen For Someone ( Afro Mix )DOWNLOAD Black Qutc154
Take Me Away ( Main Mix )DOWNLOAD Cyber-Boyz312
Nastee Nev Is The Best - Zone 16 ( Remake )DOWNLOAD Black Qutc1212
Without Feelings ( EP Part 01 By Black Qutc )DOWNLOAD Black Qutc209
Dedicated To You ( 2012 Projects )DOWNLOAD Bakgomane Feat Black Qutc152
Late Night Groove ( Original Mix Full Version )Black Qutc343
Late Night Groove ( Sample - Original Mix )Black Qutc283